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Creating Romantic French Decor

Bonjour! I am Toni Gray-Cerillo, designer and creator of Antoinette French Design. Please browse our online cataloge of over 300 items offered for sale.  Everything we offer for sale is here on the website in the SHOP ITEMS section. Merci' !

Antoinette French Design has been in Romantic Homes ,Victoria Bliss and Vintage Victorian magazines. 

Antoinette French Design is my pillow design company of all styles and regions of France. I have been designing, painting, sewing, decorating, and creating since childhood. I love all things French, including the 18th century country floral chintzes, antique lace, linen, the Loire Valley and Normandy chateaux tapestries, charming toiles of Jouy and Nantz, and the cheerful, casual and colorful prints of Provence. They are all beautiful and evoke the romantic and beautiful styles of France.  I also design romantic style pillows with old world French images, some on antique French linen. My customers purchase my pillows because they want something beautiful, unique, French, and not mass produced.

I have a bachelor's degree in Textile Arts and have always had an interest in art history, and the design and use of textiles. My particular interest is in antique traditional French fabric, and well...anything French!

There is no room or piece of furniture that cannot be enhanced by a romantic, beautiful pillow of exquisite, rare French textiles. I spend many hours designing and sewing each unique pillow with its coordinating fabrics and trims. Not every fabric design works well for any size pillow. The pillow front is like a painting. Its design image must fit its size.  Every antique piece of fabric is lined in new fabric to make the pillow useful and sturdy for a decor pillow in your home. I only use the highest quality fabrics and trims. Currently, there are available in my atelier/studio over 200 pillows for sale, most of them one of a kind.  The majority of textiles used for pillows are from France. Others are just as high quality, but may be from other countries such as England, Spain and the USA. 

On our latest journey to France, we spent a month driving from the north in Caen, to Normandy, Brittany, the Loire valley, Saumur, St. Emilion, Bordeaux, then ending with our customary one week stay in a Paris flat before heading home to California.  I cannot leave France without visiting my favorite Impressionists' paintings in the Musee d'Orsay and L'Orangerie museums in Paris. Renoir depicted gorgeous dresses on the women in his ten foot tall paintings, and I never tire of seeing the art in the d'Orsay.

From that trip we brought back some of the most beautiful handmade Victorian era laces, fabrics, buttons, and trims for my atelier to become heirloom pillows. It was exciting buying beautiful antique fabrics and lace at brocante fairs in Saumur and Bordeaux. I love creating pillows with antique French chintzes and these lace delights. I'm looking forward to a return trip to hunt for more!

One beautiful morning while out exploring the outskirts of Saumur, we saw a village brocante (flea/antique market sale) called Les Puces de Montsoreau. Naturally,  I took a quick exit off the freeway (I was driving our rental 6 speed manual car which meant lots of downshifting!).  It was really fun, and there were so many great finds that we just don't see here in the US!  I do believe that we were the only Americans there because I only heard French being spoken. What fun we had truffling through the cast-offs to become someone else's treasures. I fell in love with a set of heavy vintage copper cookware.  and after a months transit time, they finally arrived and are now very happily sitting of a shelf in our kitchen. I bought some lovely handcarved wood embellishments from a man whose grandfather had worked in a furniture manufacturer. From the man's wife I purchased a few beautiful antique linens. It was a great time, we met some lovely people, and even though the midday sun was scorching, I hated to leave that lovely village.

Our last week of the trip was in Paris where we purchased a variety of new Souleaido fabrics and borders from their boutique store on the Left Bank.  Souleaido makes high quality authentic French country designs in Provence, France.  These fabrics are difficult to find in the USA.  I have added these beautiful, fresh French country textiles to our inventory of new provencal fabrics I purchased in Aix-En-Provence on a previous trip.  The colorful designs are timeless, and evoke a casual elegance to any home.  I purchased 7 beautiful border designs to incorporate into my Summer in Provence pillows line.

I have several French chateaux tapestry fragments of linen, wool and silk,  dating from the 1600s to 1800s which make gorgeous, historical, rich looking pillows.  These are truly amazing and one of a kind! The chateaux tapestries adorned the country manors in France, and not only provided beautiful decor, but aided in cold draft control in winters. I design these elegant chateau pillows using the antique tapestry fragments, new gorgeous trims, velvets, and jacquards. I stabilize each antique tapestry or fabric piece, and take great care and much time in the design process through the final stitching details for each pillow.  

I would love to bring the beauty of French design into your home by working with you, or your interior decorator to select pillows from my inventory, or design one for you from my large selection of antique and new French fabrics and trims. Every textile item I sell is made by hand, by me. We are a retail design house, and are not priced at the wholesale level. Interior decorators possessing a professional license inquiries are welcomed.                                  

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 Vintage and European grain sacks available for charming pillows.

One of the many antique toile linen fabrics from France.                                                             

SOLD ITEMS, however there are other similar antique French toiles available.