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Antique French Carpet Painting (#20)


This is called a Mis-en-Carte painting.  These paintings on paper were used in the development process of hand loomed wool Aubusson and similar carpets in the 19th and early 20th centuries in France. This painting is on a thick paper which has a grid with the painted carpet design for the carpet weavers to follow. It is two pieces joined with thread stitching and mended with tape on the back. The painting would be hung behind the warp yarns so the weavers could follow the pattern in which to weave the tapestry design. If you look back to the old postcard photo in my France Photos, you will see how the weavers did this process.

This process of handweaving carpets in France using these paintings is no longer used, and they are now considered part of European textile history, and are collected for their art form.  I offer this one for sale, which is part of my personal collection.  These look lovely framed in a simple frame so as not to detract from their unique beauty. See the last photo of a wall in my studio showcasing part of my collection of these beautiful paintings and wallpapers. My wall is filled, so I must sell this one! 

This paintings colors are of blues, rose, and colors of natural flowers against a background that is unevenly colored in tans from age and storage of the paper. I also included a photo of the back of the painting which has many notations written in faded quill ink in French, including the date of the painting, March 18, 1901.  This is not a copy, but an original, one of a kind painting.

This painting will be shipped rolled in a shipping carton. 

Dimensions:  21 1/2" wide x 16 1/2" high

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