Antoinette French Design

Room decor pillows and accessories created with antique and new European textiles.


C.1850 Antique French Toile Prussian Blue Linen Stripe Pillow (#1301)


This 19th century Prussian blue toile fabric was produced in France in the 1850s. It features a design of grey and white roses and leaves on vivid prussian blue ground. Accompanying the toile is antique European linen with woven blue stripes. Vintage hand crocheted ecru trim (passementerie) found in a French flea market a few years ago, borderes the toile and twice stitched in place. The entire pillow cover is lined in new cotton lining. I have designed a custom pillow for my pillows with side ties featuring the same putty linen for an elegant finished look. 

History of Prussian Blue fabric process: This fabric has the most beautiful Prussian blue ground. Prussian blue was made by the German colormaker Diesback in Berlin around 1704, when he accidentally formed the blue pigment when experimenting with the oxidation of iron oxide. It was a very popular color used in the 19th century.

Pillow and pillow cover sold as a set. 12" x 10". One of a kind, only one available. The 5th photo shows this pillow modeled with another which features another floral area of this gorgeous toile textile, (#1302). These are the last pillows with this antique French toile. 

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